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GES In Progress

Today marks the start of BIG changes happening at Grandview Elementary! While some of the crew continues work on updating BHS bathrooms, the rest of the construction team has shifted their focus to the new entrance/facade of GES.

GES- before facade construction

One last look at the GES sign as the construction crew prepares the site.

Tonight is also the first time many of our students have seen the inside of the building since May, and things are going to look a little different. Crews have been preparing the floors for the installation of our new noise-reducing, slip resistant flooring throughout our hallways. But before we can bring in the new, we had to do away with the old! Our main hallways may look a little unfinished right now, but the end result is going to be softer, safer, and guaranteed to have 100% less shoe squeaks across the hallway! In addition to the floors, new railings have been installed in our stairways that meet the highest safety standards and create another layer of safety for our Tigers.

GES concrete floors    GES stair rails

Please excuse us while we change!

This process may take some time, but the end result will be well worth the work. And in the meantime, we guarantee that our students will continue to have a clean and safe learning environment. Keep checking our blog for all the latest updates. We can't wait to surprise our Tigers with new floors later this year!


HVAC Updates

We are excited to announce that there are big upgrades coming to the air conditioning systems at both GES and BHS. As of today, every classroom in Grandview has a brand new air conditioning unit installed.

Old AC unit   New AC Unit

    Out with the old....and in with the new! 

HVAC redesign is currently underway in the high school. Thanks to some upgrades to the current system, we will have working units in every classroom. This is a major improvement from classroom conditions last year, and it  will only be improved from there once we replace and upgrade the entire system next summer.

Holes cut in hallway walls

As students return to the building, you may notice holes cut in the ceilings in our hallways. These are the spaces that will house the new fresh air ventilation system coming this spring. These are just a few of the major renovation projects that will make our buildings more comfortable for everyone.

Special thanks to the construction crew and our custodial and maintenance teams for their hard work in getting the buildings ready for the new school year. 


Welcome to the BISD construction blog, where you will find regular updates on the progress of our renovation projects. 

Grandview Elementary School- Renovation Poster

Bellevue High School- Renovation Poster

As you can see on the project posters above, long-overdue upgrades are taking shape that will provide a more learning-conducive environment. Thank you for your support, and please excuse our mess while we improve the BISD facilities for our students. Much like the BHS front facade renovation project at 2019, the end product of these improvements will be a spectacular source of pride for all Tigers, past, present, and future.

We will continue to post important updates throughout the year, and I look forward to sharing the exciting progress with our Bellevue community.

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Dr. Robb Smith


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